Bulk-station Operator Job

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Bulk-station Operator Job

BULK-STATION OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Controls conveyors and blending equipment to mix materials according to specification for use in cementing oil and gas wells: Operates electric-powered winch to spot railroad cars over underground hoppers. 2. Breaks seal and opens bottom-dump doors on car with prybar to unload cement and other materials in hopper. 3. Presses button to start conveyor which transfers materials to storage bins. 4. Pulls levers and presses switches to start and stop conveyors and blending equipment and to open and close discharge gates on storage bins. 5. Empties sacks of additive chemicals into blender hoppers to prepare dry cement mixtures, following formulas. 6. Prepares delivery tickets and weighs trucks and materials as loaded. 7. Records quantities of materials received and issued on inventory control records. 8. Estimates materials in bulk storage bins periodically to verify inventory records. 9. Requisitions materials to replenish stocks.


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