Bulk-plant Operator Job

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Bulk-plant Operator Job

BULK-PLANT OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Controls equipment in bulk sugar plant to load and unload sugar and to blend sugar syrups according to formula: Signals drivers or engineers by hand to give directions in positioning trucks and railroad cars for unloading. 2. Positions conveyors and attaches unloading hoses and pipes to truck and railroad cars. 3. Opens conveyor gate and pipe valves and starts pumps, blowers, and conveyors to unload sugar from vehicle and to transport it to storage bins. 4. Starts pumps and agitators to transport and mix specified amounts of water, corn syrup, and sugar in blending tanks. 5. Dumps bags of diatomaceous earth into blend and pumps mixture through filter to remove impurities. 6. Tests syrup to measure acid, yeast, and soluble sugar content, using pH meter and refractometer. 7. Keeps records of test results, weight of sugar received and shipped, amount and type of syrup blended, and percentage of wasted materials. 8. May weigh truck before and after loading. 9. May tend steam boiler to supply steampower to plant equipment.


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