Buffing-machine Operator, Silverware Job

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Buffing-machine Operator, Silverware Job

BUFFING-MACHINE OPERATOR, SILVERWARE JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Sets up and operates battery of machines that automatically buff shells for silver-plated hollowware, such as bowls, tea sets, vegetable dishes, and gravy boats, to remove scratches and pressmarks and impart smooth finish for subsequent plating: Selects buffing wheel of size and shape to match workpiece and bolts it to stationary drive shaft. 2. Selects jig to match exterior or interior shape of workpiece and bolts it to chuck on lathe arbor. 3. Clamps workpiece in jig and turns stop nuts to position assembly against buffing wheel. 4. Turns knobs of timing device to regulate buffing time according to kind and thickness of metal and surface area to be buffed. 5. Starts machine and holds stick of compound to wheel to coat wheel with abrasive. 6. Observes operation and removes workpiece when machine stops at end of timed cycle.


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