Buffing-machine Operator Job

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Buffing-machine Operator Job

BUFFING-MACHINE OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Sets up and operates semiautomatic buffing machine to buff parts, such as automobile trim or hardware to specified finish: Reads work order to determine parts to be buffed and setup procedure. 2. Selects holding fixture and bolts it to feed arm. 3. Slides spacers between buffs on spindle to set spacing. 4. Measures and sets angle of feed arm to control position of workpiece against buff, according to specifications or using knowledge of machine operation. 5. Sets length of traverse and stroke of feed arm by adjusting air cylinder and setting stops. 6. Starts buff revolving and clamps workpiece in fixture. 7. Presses button to feed workpiece against buff. 8. Removes buffed part from fixture and examines it to ensure that surface coloration meets specifications. 9. Adjusts angle, feed, or traverse of machine to achieve specified finish.


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