Buckshot-swage Operator Job

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Buckshot-swage Operator Job

BUCKSHOT-SWAGE OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Sets up and operates battery of machines to press lead slugs into buckshot for shotgun ammunition: Removes and replaces dies, punches, and die blocks, and adjusts knockout pins, feed fingers, and stops, using handtools. 2. Fills hoppers with lead slugs from scoop or tote box. 3. Starts machines and measures diameters of swaged shot samples, using shot gauge, and weighs them on balance scale to determine conformance to specifications. 4. Rolls shot under dial micrometer to verify roundness. 5. Turns bolts, setscrews, and stop nuts to adjust position of punches and dies by trial and error to produce acceptable shot.


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