Buckle-strap-drum Operator Job

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Buckle-strap-drum Operator Job

BUCKLE-STRAP-DRUM OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends machine that coats uncured rubber or rubber-coated fabric strips and winds them on drum to make straps for rubber footwear: Computes number and kind of books required, and keeps production chart. 2. Places strip at back of drum, threads end through guides and cement-filled reservoir, and inserts end in groove of drum to secure it. 3. Turns handwheel to regulate machine speed and starts machine that winds strip onto drum so that each turn abuts and adheres to edge of one previously wound. 4. Stops machine when drum is filled and pulls knife along drum groove and across wound strip to form sheet of strips. 5. Pulls sheet from drum onto cutting table, using stick, and cuts sheets into strips of specified length with knife, using triangular cutting bar as guide. 6. Lifts rows of cut strips with stick and places them in book.


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