Briquetter Operator Job

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Briquetter Operator Job

BRIQUETTER OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends machine that automatically forms ore mixture or chemical compounds into briquettes: Shovels mix into feed hopper and pokes out feed chutes, using rod, to prevent jamming of material as it flows to briquetting rollers and to rotary drier. 2. Turns valves to maintain vacuum pressure in drier within specified limits. 3. Pushes down sealing ring to prevent loss of vacuum and transfers briquettes to drums for shipment or storage. 4. Weighs drums, using platform scale, to facilitate compilation of shipping data. 5. Monitors potentiometer on drier and reports unusual fluctuations to maintenance or supervisory personnel. 6. Examines drier feedlines for condition, to detect potential air leaks and loss of vacuum.


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