Brine-tank Tender Job

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Brine-tank Tender Job

BRINE-TANK TENDER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends equipment to make frozen stick confections, performing any combination of following tasks: Positions mold pan under filler spouts and presses pedal to fill pan with ice cream, fruit juice, or syrup mix. 2. Places tray against machine and pushes levers to insert and lock sticks in tray slots. 3. Places tray over mold pan and presses switch or pushes pans to move them over brine tank to freeze ingredient onto sticks. 4. Dips frozen mold pans into water to defrost and removes tray of stick bars. 5. Dips tray of frozen bars into chocolate and places tray on conveyor leading to chill tunnel. 6. Fills dispensers of bagging machine, positions tray over bagging chutes, and pulls lever to drop bars into bags. 7. Turns valves, controls, and switches to alter level of mix in molds, flow of ingredients into filler hopper and chocolate tank, or temperature of chocolate or brine. 8. May test brine content, using hydrometer and add salt to maintain prescribed strength. 9. May mix flavor, sugar, and water to make flavored ice mixes. 10. May fill dispensers and remove jammed sticks from automatic stick machines. 11. May be designated according to work performed as Mold Filler; Mold Remover; Stick Inserter.


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