Bricklayer Job

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Bricklayer Job

BRICKLAYER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Lays building materials, such as brick, structural tile, and concrete cinder, glass, gypsum, and terra cotta block to construct or repair walls, partitions, arches, sewers, and other structures: Measures distance from reference points and marks guidelines on working surface to lay out work. 2. Spreads soft bed of mortar that serves as base and binder for block, using trowel. 3. Applies mortar to end of block and positions block in mortar bed. 4. Taps block with trowel to level, align, and embed in mortar, allowing specified thickness of joint. 5. Removes excess mortar from face of block, using trowel. 6. Finishes mortar between brick with pointing tool or trowel. 7. Breaks bricks to fit spaces too small for whole brick, using edge of trowel or brick hammer. 8. Determines vertical and horizontal alignment of courses, using plumb bob, gaugeline, and level. 9. Fastens brick or terra cotta veneer to face of structures, with tie wires embedded in mortar between bricks, or in anchor holes in veneer brick. 10. May weld metal parts to steel structural members. 11. May apply plaster to walls and ceiling, using trowel, to complete repair work. 12. May be designated according to material used as Cinder-Block Mason; Concrete-Block Mason; Terra-Cotta Mason; or work performed as Bricklayer, Maintenance. 13. When specializing in construction of specified structures, is designated according to specialty as Bricklayer, Sewer; Chimney Builder, Brick. 14. May be designated: Block Setter, Gypsum; Hollow-Tile-Partition Erector; Plaster-Block Layer; Silo Erector.


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