Brick Unloader Tender Job

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Brick Unloader Tender Job

BRICK UNLOADER TENDER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends equipment that automatically unloads brick from kiln cars after firing: Depresses buttons on control panels to activate equipment that moves loaded kiln cars along rails into unloading position, lowers hydraulic pickup head that lifts stacks of brick from kiln car onto conveyor, and conveys brick to subsequent processing area. 2. Depresses buttons to stop equipment when rows of brick are unevenly stacked, damaged bricks are detected, or jamming or other malfunctions occur. 3. Replaces damaged bricks and straightens rows. 4. Removes jammed bricks, using iron bar. 5. May unload stacked bricks from conveyor, using hydraulic ram. 6. May manually remove rows of stacked brick to create tine course to facilitate handling by forklift during packaging.


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