Brick Setter Operator Job

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Brick Setter Operator Job

BRICK SETTER OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends machine that cuts columns of extruded clay and shale into brick and stacks layers of brick onto kiln cars for firing: Depresses buttons on panel board to start conveyor that moves columns of clay and shale from extruder through cutter that cuts column into brick and assembles layer of brick on platform of machine. 2. Depresses button to activate hydraulic pickup head of machine that picks up layer of brick from platform and stacks brick on kiln car. 3. Straightens uneven brick on stack, using hands. 4. Clears jammed conveyor and machine, using metal bar and scraper. 5. Discards broken columns of clay and shale or damaged brick onto conveyor for recycling. 6. Activates control on panel board to tie two top layers of brick on kiln car. 7. Replaces broken cutter wires on machine cutter, using handtools. 8. Dusts conveyor, cutter, and pickup head, using airhose. 9. Oils and greases specified parts of machinery, using oilcan and grease gun.


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