Brick-and-tile-making-machine Operator Job

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Brick-and-tile-making-machine Operator Job

BRICK-AND-TILE-MAKING-MACHINE OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Sets up and operates series of machines to mix ingredients, extrude clay mixture, and to cut extruded column into brick and tile products: Turns valves to feed and regulate flow of ingredients into mixing machine and to create vacuum in de-airing machine. 2. Installs die, core, rings, and former in extrusion head, using handtools and measuring instruments. 3. Sets controls on automatic cutoff knives to cut clay column according to job order specifications. 4. Starts machinery. 5. Examines extruded product to detect variations from specified hardness, and turns valves to feed water and oil into pug mill to correct consistency of clay. 6. Replaces knives, reamers, and finishers in automatic finishing units. 7. Records production. 8. May operate individual machine and be designated Auger-Press Operator; Cutter Operator, Brick; Cutter Operator, Tile; Pug Mill Operator.


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