Breaker-machine Operator Job

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Breaker-machine Operator Job

BREAKER-MACHINE OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends machine, equipped with crushing rollers or hammers, that reduces corkwood, cork waste, or bark to fine particles: Dumps corkwood, waste, or bark into machine hopper or onto conveyor leading to machine. 2. Removes wooden sticks and steel straps to prevent clogging. 3. Starts machine that crushes and grinds material into fine particles and blowers that force ground particles over shaker screens to remove dust and separate ground material into bins, according to particle size. 4. May tend machine equipped with conveyors that convey ground material through driers to remove moisture before segregating particles. 5. May pull bags over bin outlets and open outlets to empty dust and ground cork or bark. 6. May remove and stack filled bags on pallets. 7. May record number of bags and grades of corkwood, waste, or bark processed.


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