Brazing-machine Operator Job

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Brazing-machine Operator Job

BRAZING-MACHINE OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Sets up and operates thermal brazing machine which bonds components of fabricated metal products as specified by work orders, blueprints, and data charts: Selects torch tips, braze alloy, and flux, according to type and thickness of metal, data charts, or previous brazing record. 2. Screws tips to torches. 3. Positions and clamps torches at specified distance and angle to workpiece. 4. Aligns and clamps holding fixtures to machine bed, table, or conveyor, using rule, square, and handtools. 5. Aligns and clamps workpieces into fixtures. 6. Fills hoppers with flux and positions spout to direct flow, or manually brushes flux onto seams of workpieces. 7. Loads reel of brazing wire onto machine holder and threads end through automatic feed rolls. 8. Positions preformed pieces of braze alloy along seams of workpiece, or manually applies alloy to seams during brazing. 9. Connects hoses from oxygen and fuel gas cylinders to regulator valves and torches. 10. Turns valves to start flow of gases, lights torch, and adjusts mixture to obtain flame of desired size and color. 11. Turns knobs to synchronize movement of conveyor, rotary table, or oscillating carriage with feed of wire, flux, and brazing action. 12. Starts machine which moves workpiece to flame or moves torch to workpiece to melt alloy into seam. 13. Moves workpiece away from machine to cool. 14. Removes and examines finished pieces for defective seams. 15. May dip pieces into water or acid bath to cool and clean them. 16. May operate machine which automatically moves pieces before air jet or into cooling chamber. 17. May manipulate levers or crank to control movement of machine. 18. May bond workpieces with soft solder and be designated Soldering-Machine Operator.


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