Brazer, Furnace Job

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Brazer, Furnace Job

BRAZER, FURNACE JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Operates electric, gas, or oil-fired furnace to braze or solder metal components, as specified by work orders, sketches, and charts: Turns knobs and observes recording instruments, gauges, and pyrometer to maintain furnace and cooling chamber temperature specified for type of metal and brazing or soldering alloy used. 2. Aligns and clamps together components or positions components in holding fixtures under specified pressure. 3. Brushes on flux and places wire or preformed pieces of brazing or soldering alloy over joints. 4. Places workpieces into furnace or onto conveyor, or into containers, such as baskets, trays, or retorts. 5. Loads containers into furnace or onto furnace conveyor, manually or by hoist. 6. Transfers workpieces from furnace to cooling chamber, using pole, hook, or by turning cranks. 7. May install fixtures into furnace or onto conveyor, using rule, square, template, and handtools. 8. May operate furnace which drops brazed products into quenching tank. 9. May solder metals, such as tin, zinc, brass, and nickel, to strips of gold or silver preparatory to making jewelry articles and be designated Rolled-Gold Plater.


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