Braker, Passenger Train Job

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Braker, Passenger Train Job

BRAKER, PASSENGER TRAIN JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Performs any combination of following duties on passenger train: Inspects equipment, such as couplings, airhose, journal boxes, and handbrakes, to ensure that they function properly. 2. Assists passengers to board and leave train. 3. Places passengers’ baggage in rack above seats on train. 4. Answers questions from passengers concerning train rules, station, and timetable information. 5. Turns knobs and pushes switches on control panel to regulate air-conditioning, heating, and lighting on train for comfort of passengers. 6. Sets warning signals, such as flares, flags, lanterns, or torpedoes, in front of and at rear of train during emergency stops to warn oncoming trains. 7. Makes minor repairs to couplings, airhoses, and journal boxes, using handtools. 8. Reports to CONDUCTOR, PASSENGER CAR any equipment requiring major repair. 9. Collects tickets, fares, and passes from passengers.


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