Brake Repairer, Railroad Job

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Brake Repairer, Railroad Job

BRAKE REPAIRER, RAILROAD JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Repairs and maintains braking devices on railroad tracks leading into yard of terminal to ensure specified performance of braking device, using handtools: Gathers specified tools, such as gauges, grease gun, and handtools, required to complete work assignment, such as greasing fittings or replacing brake shoes. 2. Adjusts and measures distances between brake shoes to specified standards, using handtools, gauge, and steel rule. 3. Removes bolts, screws, and metal plates to access parts of braking device, following blueprints. 4. Examines broken device to isolate defect or verify repairs needed. 5. Removes designated part, places new part in braking device and adjusts fit to ensure accurate placement, working as member of team. 6. Replaces bolts, screws, and metal plates, using hand and pneumatic tools. 7. Inspects braking device for conformance to standards. 8. Greases fittings of braking device to maintain and prevent excessive wear of parts. 9. Loosens and lifts braking device from rail, using handtools and crane, and replaces broken or deteriorated track beams, working as member of team.


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