Brake Repairer Job

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Brake Repairer Job

BRAKE REPAIRER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Repairs and overhauls brake systems in automobiles, buses, trucks, and other automotive vehicles: Pushes handle of hydraulic jack or pushes hoist control to raise vehicle axle. 2. Removes wheels, using wrenches, wheel puller, and sledgehammer. 3. Replaces defective brakeshoe units or attaches new linings to brakeshoes. 4. Measures brakedrum to determine amount of wear, using feeler gauge. 5. Inserts vacuum gauge into power-brake cylinder, starts engine, and reads gauge to detect brake-line leaks. 6. Repairs or replaces leaky brake cylinders. 7. Repairs or replaces defective air compressor in airbrake systems. 8. Replaces wheel on axle and adjusts drumshoe clearance, using wrench. 9. Fills master brake cylinder with brake fluid, pumps brake pedal, or uses pressure tank, and opens valves on hydraulic brake system to bleed air from brake lines. 10. Closes valves and refills master brake cylinder. 11. May be designated according to specialty as Brake Repairer, Air; Brake Repairer, Bus; Brake Repairer, Hydraulic.


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