Brake Operator I Job

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Brake Operator I Job

BRAKE OPERATOR I JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Sets up and operates power brake to bend, notch, punch, form rolls, arc, or straighten metal plates or sheet metal and structural shapes to blueprint or sketch specifications: Selects, positions, and aligns dies in machine ram and bed, using shims, rule, square, or templates. 2. Turns setscrews or bolts to fasten clamp bar that holds dies in position. 3. Turns adjustment screws to set specified pressure of ram and clearance between dies to thickness of metal, as indicated by calibrated scale or feelers. 4. Lays out or details layout on work stock from blueprints or templates. 5. Positions workpiece manually or with crane, to align layout marks to dies. 6. Starts machine to lower ram or depresses pedal to activate ram that bends or cuts metal. 7. Sets stops on machine bed and repositions stock to run successive pieces, or to perform multiple operations. 8. Verifies dimensions of workpiece, using template or scale. 9. May preheat metal in furnace or by using oxyacetylene torch. 10. May grind laps or burrs from edges of workpiece, using portable grinder. 11. May devise and build temporary dies. 12. May operate apron brake which bends metal by forcing metal between movable apron and horizontal bending bar. 13. May be designated according to type material processed as Brake Operator, Sheet Metal I; or according to special operations required to process thick metal as Brake Operator, Heavy Duty.


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