Brake-drum-lathe Operator Job

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Brake-drum-lathe Operator Job

BRAKE-DRUM-LATHE OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Sets up and operates brakedrum lathe to resurface automotive brakedrums, and operates grinding machine to grind brakeshoe linings: Clamps hub and drum on lathe spindle and adjusts cutting tool to machine drum surface. 2. Starts spindle and feeds tool into drum by hand, or adjusts automatic feed mechanism. 3. Measures drum to verify specified dimensions, using calipers, drum gauge, or micrometer. 4. Clamps brakeshoe on grinder and grinds lining to specified arc as determined by new diameter of drum. 5. May replace defective brake cylinders and fill master brake cylinder with brake fluid. 6. May mount wheel on axle and adjust drumshoe clearance.


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