Braiding-machine Tender Job

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Braiding-machine Tender Job

BRAIDING-MACHINE TENDER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends battery of machines that braid and cement fabric cord or wire around rubber hose for reinforcement: Threads machine with specified spools of cord, rubber insulation, or wire stock. 2. Notifies BRAIDER SETTER when change in pitch gear is required. 3. Pulls hose from reel and threads it into braiding machine. 4. Adjusts controls to maintain uniform tension on cord or wire stock. 5. Starts flow of rubber cement into machine and starts machine. 6. Observes operation for defects, such as broken cords and loose braiding. 7. Ties broken cords. 8. Places braided hose on stock rack or coils it in box. 9. May rewind partial spools of cord to make full spool, using electric windup spindle. 10. May tend machine that knits yarn onto rubber hose and be designated Knitting-Machine Tender. 11. May tend one or more looms that weave yarn and wire jacket around hose and be designated Loom Operator.


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