Box Printer Job

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Box Printer Job

BOX PRINTER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Sets up and operates machine to print trademarks, designs, or identifying data on containers such as cardboard or wooden boxes, performing any combination of following duties: Selects printing plate or type slug, or sets type, according to oral instructions or written job order. 2. Fastens type or printing plate in holding mechanism of machine, using handtools. 3. Fills fountains with ink of required color or colors and adjusts rate of flow of ink with finger screws, or squeezes or spreads ink paste on ink plate or rollers, using ink knife. 4. Turns setscrews to adjust spacing guides. 5. Feeds or stacks boxes or container pieces in feed hopper of automatic printing machine and removes them from discharge hopper after printing. 6. Places box ends on holding plate and depresses pedal that lowers printing plate onto box end. 7. Scans containers to verify accuracy and clarity of printing. 8. Observes edges of wooden box parts for imperfections, such as split, ragged, or uneven edges, and sets them aside. 9. Removes and cleans type or plate, and ink rollers, using handtools, solvent, and rags. 10. May distribute containers to packaging stations or place containers in storage areas.


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