Bow Maker, Custom Job

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Bow Maker, Custom Job

BOW MAKER, CUSTOM JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Selects, laminates, shapes, and finishes woods, plastics, and metals to make archery bows: Selects materials from stock according to customer’s specifications, and preshapes parts, using handtools and power tools. 2. Applies specified adhesives between parts. 3. Assembles parts and places assembled bows in glue press to cure. 4. Heats bows in steam box until pliable and clamps bows on form to shape curves and recurves. 5. Trims and smooths bows, using handtools and sandpaper. 6. Stains, paints, and varnishes bows according to specifications. 7. May apply decals to bows. 8. May rework or repair damaged bow and be designated Bow Repairer, Custom. 9. May make arrows, using die cutter to cut feathers used on arrows.


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