Bottle-house Quality-control Technician Job

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Bottle-house Quality-control Technician Job

BOTTLE-HOUSE QUALITY-CONTROL TECHNICIAN JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Performs physical measuring and chemical analysis tests of packaged beer and materials in quality control laboratory of brewery bottle house: Selects test samples of crowns, cans, lids, bottles, labels, and cartons from packaging lines following established procedures as to time, place, and sequence. 2. Measures dimensions of crowns, cans, bottles, lids, and labels with scales and micrometers. 3. Conducts abrasion tests on cans, lids, bottles, crowns, and labels with abrasion machine. 4. Measures hardness of crowns, lids, and cans, using hardness tester. 5. Measures bursting strength of bottles, using hydraulic bursting machine. 6. Tests wet and dry tearing strengths of labels and cartons. 7. Weighs filled cans and bottles to measure volume of beer. 8. Records test results and prepares graphs and charts.


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