Boring-and-filling-machine Operator Job

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Boring-and-filling-machine Operator Job

BORING-AND-FILLING-MACHINE OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Sets up and operates boring-and-filling machine to fabricate brushes: Installs specified ratchet wheel, cams, stapling head, and drill in machine, using handtools. 2. Mounts roll of wire on spindle and threads wire through stapling mechanism. 3. Fills magazine with material, such as horsehair, nylon, wire, plastic filaments, or vegetable fibers, according to type of brush being made. 4. Positions and clamps wooden or composition brush base in jig under drill, and clamps predrilled base in jig under filling-and-stapling device. 5. Starts machine which simultaneously drills holes in blank base, and inserts and staples brush material in holes of drilled base. 6. Places finished brush on storage rack. 7. May be designated according to type of brush filled as Hair-Brush-Boring-And-Filling-Machine Operator; Tooth-Brush-Boring-And-Filling-Machine Operator; Wire-Brush-Boring-And-Filling-Machine Operator.


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