Boom-conveyor Operator Job

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Boom-conveyor Operator Job

BOOM-CONVEYOR OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Controls boom conveyors to move materials, such as coal, ore, and gravel, to and from railroad cars or processing station, and storage piles: Starts specified boom conveyor and conveyor belts, and adjusts height, swing, and extension of boom according to size of storage pile or position of car. 2. Opens side gates of railroad cars or gates of processing station to dump material onto conveyor that carries it to storage pile. 3. Positions boom conveyor over railroad car and starts flow of materials from plant or storage pile to load car. 4. Regulates conveyor speed to prevent spilling or weight variations among cars. 5. Observes gauges and lights on control panel to detect malfunctions of conveyor system. 6. Diverts materials to storage bins or notifies plant or tipple operator to stop supply of materials during emergency. 7. Lubricates machine, using grease gun and oilcan. 8. May drive mobile boom conveyor to designated work area. 9. May be known as Stacker Operator.


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