Bone-char Operator Job

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Bone-char Operator Job

BONE-CHAR OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Unloads furnace in which ground bones are charred to produce boneblack: Opens and closes slide gate on bone-char furnace to fill bucket, mounted on dolly, with boneblack. 2. Tilts bucket, assisted by other workers, to discharge contents onto cooling floor. 3. Spreads boneblack over floor to cool, using rake. 4. Shovels cooled boneblack onto conveyor for transfer to storage tanks. 5. May sprinkle water onto material to facilitate cooling. 6. May shovel ground bones into furnace or retort and dump charred product onto storage conveyor, using wheelbarrow, and be designated Retort Feeder, Ground Bone.


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