Bonding-machine Tender Job

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Bonding-machine Tender Job

BONDING-MACHINE TENDER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends machine that bonds, stretches, and applies finishing solution to synthetic thread to improve sewing quality: Places supply packages in creel. 2. Draws ends from packages over, through, and around machine units, guides, and rollers, and attaches ends to takeup reels. 3. Turns valves and taps to transfer bonding and finishing solutions to bath units. 4. Observes operation to detect breaks or lap-ups. 5. Cuts tangles with knife and rethreads ends through machine units. 6. Observes temperature and viscosity control charts for variations from standards. 7. Adds chemicals to strengthen or dilute solutions or resets temperature indicator. 8. Verifies roller speeds, using tachometer, and turns handle on roller units to adjust speeds. 9. Reports malfunctions to BONDING-MACHINE SETTER. 10. Removes full packages from takeup rack and pushes yarn to storage area.


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