Bonding-machine Setter Job

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Bonding-machine Setter Job

BONDING-MACHINE SETTER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Sets up and adjusts machines that bond, stretch, and apply finishing solution to thread to improve sewing quality: Changes charts in control boxes for recording temperature and viscosity strength and turns knob to set temperature control at specified level on oven unit. 2. Turns handles on roller units to adjust speeds of front and back rollers and verifies revolutions, using tachometer. 3. Turns crank to adjust builder motion on takeup rack to facilitate uniform winding of thread on reels. 4. Operates machine for test run to verify adjustments and to obtain thread samples. 5. Conducts standard tests on samples to determine breaking strength, elongation, and weight of thread, using tensile-testing machine, skein winder, and grain scales. 6. Posts results onto quality control reports. 7. Maintains record of samples and customer orders processed. 8. Changes felt covers on rollers and wipers and replaces worn or broken guides and tapes, using handtools. 9. Lubricates machines, using oilcan.


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