Boiler-room Helper Job

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Boiler-room Helper Job

BOILER-ROOM HELPER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Assists STATIONARY ENGINEER in operation and maintenance of stationary steam boilers and auxiliary steam equipment, such as pumps, compressors, and air-conditioning system, performing any combination of the following tasks: Starts auxiliary equipment. 2. Opens valves and adjusts regulators to control flow of steam or water through pipelines, or to blow sludge and scale from pressure system. 3. Cleans and lubricates pumps. 4. Dusts tubes, and removes slag from furnace tubes and brickwork of coal-fired boiler, using steam or compressed air. 5. Opens drains and washes boilers. 6. Performs maintenance tasks, such as packing valves, repairing pipelines, and replacing gauge glasses. 7. May regulate volume of water in boilers and in auxiliary equipment. 8. Performs other duties as described under HELPER Master Title.


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