Bobbin-cleaning-machine Operator Job

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Bobbin-cleaning-machine Operator Job

BOBBIN-CLEANING-MACHINE OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Feeds machines that strip unused yarn or roving from packages: Dumps packages in hopper of machine, using chain hoist, or feeds individual packages into machine that strips yarn or roving from packages with knives, brushes, or compressed air. 2. Presses button to start machine. 3. Pushes or pulls packages with rake or rod to regulate flow of packages from hopper onto feed conveyor. 4. Forces jammed packages into position for processing, using handtool, or removes jammed packages from machine. 5. May dump packages into tumbler that removes yarn from packages by agitation, using chain hoist. 6. May transfer cleaned packages to storage area, using handtruck.


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