Boat-loader Helper Job

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Boat-loader Helper Job

BOAT-LOADER HELPER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Assists BOAT LOADER I to pump liquid cargo, such as petroleum, gasoline, heating oil, sulfuric acid, and alum liquor, from and into barges and tankers: Catches mooring hawsers and ties them around dock posts to secure vessels. 2. Couples hoses to valves on ship’s tanks and turns handwheels to open or close valves. 3. Removes lines from vessels and casts off hawsers. 4. Drains loading hoses and places them on dollies. 5. Cleans oil and waste materials from dock, using squeegees, broom, and rags. 6. May be designated according to vessels loaded as Barge-Loader Helper.


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