Boat-hoist Operator Job

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Boat-hoist Operator Job

BOAT-HOIST OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Operates mobile boat hoist to lift and lower yachts and cruisers in and out of water, and to move boats to designated work or storage areas: Starts hoist engine and pushes and pulls levers to move and maneuver four-wheeled boat hoist to straddle boats for moving. 2. Passes sling ends under straddled boat hull, shackles sling ends to winch span, and moves levers to operate power-winch to raise boat clear of support blocks or skids. 3. Drives hoist to move suspended boat to designated location or to hoisting dock to lower boat into water. 4. Operates winch to lower boat to point just above ground surface. 5. Places keel blocks under keel and lowers boat onto keel blocks. 6. Slides and positions hull support blocks and frames against boat bottom for vertical support. 7. Loosens and pulls slings from underneath boat. 8. Drives hoist to dock and lowers boat until slings are slack and signals boat operator to back boat out to clear slings and dock. 9. Operates winch to raise slings out of water or leaves slings in water to pick up another boat. 10. Operates truck to tow empty skids around display or shop areas. 11. Jacks up skids and cradled boats and places dollies under skids to facilitate moving boats in display area. 12. Mounts propellers on shafts to prepare new boats for launching. 13. Operates boats to maneuver boats in and out of slips. 14. Performs related boat handling duties.


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