Boarding-machine Operator Job

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Boarding-machine Operator Job

BOARDING-MACHINE OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends machine that shapes and dries hose before or after dyeing process, using either of following methods: Pulls hose over leg-shaped forms of machine, aligns toe and heel with form, and pulls welt down to specified point on forms. 2. Presses button or depresses pedal to start conveyor that carries filled set of forms into drying chamber and removes finished set from chamber. 3. Strips shaped hose from boarding forms. 4. Depresses pedal to start circular conveyor that carries forms through drying chamber and automatic stripping mechanism. 5. Pulls and aligns hose over forms as conveyor moves forms in front of worker. 6. Periodically feels surface of forms for roughness to determine need for waxing. 7. May replace toe boards of boarding forms, using key. 8. May turn valves to increase or decrease steam pressure and temperature of drying chamber according to type of hose being boarded. 9. May be designated according to process as Preboarder. 10. May tend machine that shapes, dyes, and dries hosiery and be designated Dye-Boarding-Machine Operator.


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