Board-machine Set-up Operator Job

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Board-machine Set-up Operator Job

BOARD-MACHINE SET-UP OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Sets up and adjusts mixers, feeders, rollers, cutters, and other equipment to fabricate wallboard and lath: Sets edging bars, rollers, and scoring cutters to ensure that wallboard produced attains specified width and thickness, using rules, gauges, and handtools. 2. Adjusts paper guides, glue feeders, chamfering wheels, and stenciling machine so that board edges will be smoothly sealed and markings legible and evenly spaced. 3. Regulates flow of material into mixing machine. 4. Observes machine operations and adjusts setup on basis of factors, such as atmospheric conditions, slurry composition, and line-speed requirements. 5. May test slurry for consistency, using scale and by feeling it.


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