Blow-up Operator Job

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Blow-up Operator Job

BLOW-UP OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends equipment that mixes diatomaceous earth, milk of lime, and acid with liquors and syrups to form slurry for filtration process: Turns valves to regulate flow of slurries through series of blow-up tanks, and to maintain temperature, content level, and air agitation in tanks. 2. Adds milk of lime or phosphoric acid to slurry to obtain specified alkalinity. 3. Tests slurries for density, using refractometer, and adds liquor or diatomaceous earth to maintain specified density. 4. Tests samples of slurries to ascertain that specified purification is occurring. 5. Records operating data on forms or blackboard. 6. Prepares phosphoric acid solutions of specified concentration for use in filtration process. 7. Cleans blocked lines and blow-ups.


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