Blocker, Hand Ii Job

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Blocker, Hand Ii Job

BLOCKER, HAND II JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Presses caps or hats over heated hat blocks, by hand or with electric iron, to shape, smooth, or finish articles by any combination of following methods: Turns dial or handle on metal block to heat block and fits article over block. 2. Presses, pulls, and rubs article by hand to smooth article. 3. Inserts parts of adjustable block into hat or cap and forces wedge between parts to expand parts to fill article. 4. Places article on bed of steam chamber or holds article over steam jet to soften article. 5. Presses article with electric iron before placing in heated drying box. 6. May be designated according to hat blocked as Panama-Hat Blocker; Strawhat Blocker; or according to production stage as Trimming-Department Blocker. 7. When performing final finishing operations in addition to blocking, such as brushing hats and clipping loose threads, may be known as Set-Off Blocker.


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