Blocker And Cutter, Contact Lens Job

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Blocker And Cutter, Contact Lens Job

BLOCKER AND CUTTER, CONTACT LENS JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Blocks contact lens blanks and cuts lenses to specified diameter, using jeweler’s lathe and handtools: Immerses laps I in molten wax and embeds lens in wax or presses two-faced adhesive tape into depression of lap, using rounded tool, and affixes lens to tape. 2. Trims excess tape, using knife. 3. Positions lens and lap assembly in blocking device. 4. Presses plunger to center and fasten lens to blocking device. 5. Mounts blocked lens in chuck of jeweler’s lathe. 6. Turns crank and observes gauge to set cutting tool for specified diameter. 7. Starts lathe and turns handle to feed cutting tool into lens. 8. Removes cut lens from lathe and smooths burrs, using emery cloth. 9. Places laps in container of solvent to remove tape or wax residue before reuse.


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