Block Maker Job

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Block Maker Job

BLOCK MAKER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Molds lead blocks to be used as shields in radiation therapy treatments: Lays out x-ray film taken of patient in treatment position and tapes film over grid on lighted table. 2. Sets distances on mold cutting machine, duplicating distances from which x ray was taken. 3. Calculates required thickness of block, based upon equipment to be used in treatment and applying knowledge of geometry. 4. Aligns template and styrofoam piece in blocking tray over x-ray film. 5. Guides hand held stylus along lines drawn on x-ray film or print showing area to be treated, simultaneously cutting styrofoam piece with hot wire to form styrofoam mold used in making block. 6. Sets mold in vise and tightens metal clamps to hold mold securely in position. 7. Pours heated lead alloy into mold to form block. 8. Mounts cooled block on lucite board, using screws. 9. Installs finished block in tray of machine and views superimposed outline of block on x-ray film to verify accuracy of block and adherence to standards. 10. Records patient information on finished block. 11. May transport patients to and from treatment area.


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