Black-ash-burner Operator Job

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Black-ash-burner Operator Job

BLACK-ASH-BURNER OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Controls furnace in which condensed black liquor is burned to black ash for use in recovering sodium compounds: Turns rheostat control to adjust mechanism in mixing tank to feed specified quantities of salt cake into black liquor. 2. Turns valves and air intake ports to regulate spray of liquor and air into furnace, according to combustion charts, to ensure complete combustion of organic matter. 3. Starts conveyor to carry molten black ash from taphole of furnace to water dissolving tank in which green liquor is formed, or opens furnace port allowing ash to flow directly into dissolving tank. 4. Starts motor to pump green liquor into settling tank. 5. Adjusts valves to channel steam generated by furnace through liquor evaporators or into main steam line. 6. Cleans liquor pipes, using steam and rod, and scrapes residue from furnace interior.


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