Biology Specimen Technician Job

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Biology Specimen Technician Job

BIOLOGY SPECIMEN TECHNICIAN JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Prepares and embeds in plastic, biological specimens of plant and animal life for use as instructional aids: Selects plant or animal specimen in preserved or dried state. 2. Dissects animal and cleans all matter from skeletal structures. 3. Prepares slices or cross sections of small animals, embryos, or cross sections of animal organs, such as glands, kidneys, hearts, or eyes. 4. Selects, trims, and stains a variety of stalks, flowers, and leaves to show plant structure and systems. 5. Selects different stains to clearly indicate support structure, circulatory system, or other feature of plant or animal. 6. Assembles and positions components of specimen in mold, using pins and holding devices. 7. Mixes polylite plastic or other material and completes embedding by varied molding techniques. 8. Works with plants, animals, mollusks, insects, and other classes of plants and animals. 9. Identifies type and age of specimen, date of preparation, and type of embedding material used. 10. May operate incubator to grow chicken eggs for embryo specimens. 11. May prepare ecological kits which demonstrate polluting conditions in water, soil, or air.


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