Binding Printer Job

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Binding Printer Job

BINDING PRINTER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends machine that prints identifying information on bias binding: Slides rolls of binding on dispenser rod and secures rod into brackets of machine. 2. Fills reservoir of printing machine with ink and inserts presser roller in brackets above printing roller. 3. Threads ends of binding from rod over suction guides, between presser and printing rollers and over top guides to takeup rod. 4. Flips switch to start machine that prints identifying data on binding and winds printed binding on takeup rod. 5. Observes printing to detect defects, such as smudges and ink streaks on binding. 6. Cuts smeared binding from roll and staples rolls to prevent unwinding. 7. Slides printed rolls from takeup rod and loads rolls on truck for transporting to drying oven. 8. Loads binding on racks of drying oven and sets automatic timer and temperature control to dry binding. 9. Packs binding in cartons and seals and bands carton, using strapping tool. 10. Writes identifying information on label and attaches label to cartons. 11. Moves cartons of binding to storage area, using handtruck.


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