Bindery Worker Job

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Bindery Worker Job

BINDERY WORKER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends various machines and equipment and performs any combination of following tasks involved in binding books, periodicals, and pamphlets, and assembling related printed materials in accordance with work order specifications: Punches holes in paper sheets, manually or by machine. 2. Creases and compresses signatures prior to affixing covers, using press or by hand. 3. Fastens sheets, signatures, or other printed materials together, using hand or machine stapler, or adjusts or tends machine that inserts wire or plastic binding strips into punched holes to fasten pages and covers together. 4. Feeds covers, signatures, and sheets into various machines for collating, stitching, trimming, folding, ruling, stapling, roughing, indexing, gluing, and perforating operations. 5. Removes, stacks, and packs printed material in various stages of completion on pallets as it accumulates on delivery table of machines. 6. Examines stitched, collated, bound, and unbound publications to ascertain that pages are bound in numerical or folio order according to sample copy, and for such defects as imperfect bindings, ink spots, torn, loose, and uneven pages, and loose and uncut threads. 7. Inserts illustrated pages, extra sheets, and collated sets into catalogs, periodicals, directories, pocket portfolios, or looseleaf binders, and inserts sheets and applies labels to envelopes or periodicals by hand or machine. 8. Places paper jackets on acceptable books. 9. Applies gold leaf, silver leaf, or metallic foil lettering or designs on covers, using stamping machine. 10. Applies adhesive tape, mylar strips, and index tabs to sheets by machine. 11. Wraps product in plastic, using shrink-wrapping machine, packs products in boxes, and tapes lids of boxes shut. 12. Records daily production. 13. Cleans work area around machine. 14. May make ready bindery equipment and work stations. 15. May lead, train, and monitor work of less experienced workers.


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