Binder And Box Builder Job

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Binder And Box Builder Job

BINDER AND BOX BUILDER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Replaces worn fiber, felt, leather, cork, or asbestos linings on shuttle box and shuttle binder: Removes lining by cutting lining with knife and punching out rivets, using hammer and punch. 2. Smooths surface to be recovered, using file and sandpaper. 3. Punches or drills holes in lining to match those in binder or box front, using hand punch or electric drill. 4. Brushes glue on lining and rivets or screws lining to binder or box front, using riveting machine or screwdriver. 5. Places binders and box fronts in vise or clamps to dry. 6. Removes vise or clamps after glue has dried and trims and smooths lining, using knife and sandpaper. 7. May replace linings on other loom parts, such as clutch plates and brake bands.


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