Billing-machine Operator Job

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Billing-machine Operator Job

BILLING-MACHINE OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Operates billing machines with or without computing devices to prepare bills, statements, and invoices to be sent to customers, itemizing amounts customers owe: Inserts blank billing sheets in machine and sets carriage. 2. Transcribes data from office records, such as customer’s name, address, and items purchased or services rendered. 3. Calculates totals, net amounts, and discounts by addition, subtraction, and multiplication, and records computations. 4. May make computations on separate adding and calculating machines. 5. May be designated according to type of bill prepared as Delinquent-Notice-Machine Operator.


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Company: University of Sharjah
Job Details: Facilitate the timely preparation of client/supplier contract and billing documentation and ensure proactive follow-up on customer/supplier payments.

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Company: MBR Partners
Job Details: O BSS/OSS elements - billing, provisioning, mediation, policy management, probes and DPI, TAP/RAP processes. Big Data technologies and data analytics (concepts…

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