Bicycle Repairer Job

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Bicycle Repairer Job

BICYCLE REPAIRER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Repairs and services bicycles, using power tools and handtools: Tightens and loosens spokes to align wheels. 2. Disassembles axle to repair coaster brakes and to adjust and replace defective parts, using handtools. 3. Adjusts cables or replaces worn or damaged parts to repair handbrakes. 4. Installs and adjusts speed and gear mechanisms. 5. Shapes replacement parts, using bench grinder. 6. Installs, repairs, and replaces equipment or accessories, such as handle bars, stands, lights, and seats. 7. Paints bicycle frame, using spray gun or brush. 8. Rubs tubes with scraper and places patch over hole to repair tube. 9. May weld broken or cracked frame together, using oxyacetylene torch and welding rods. 10. May assemble and sell new bicycles and accessories.


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