Bicycle-rental Clerk Job

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Bicycle-rental Clerk Job

BICYCLE-RENTAL CLERK JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Rents bicycles to patrons at beach, resort, or retail bicycle-rental store: Explains bicycle-rental rates and conditions to customer. 2. Issues bicycle to customer and records time of transaction. 3. Receives returned bicycles and examines them for abuse or breakage. 4. Computes rental charge according to elapsed time and accepts payment, imposing specified fee for damage to bicycle. 5. Records time bicycle was returned. 6. Prepares cash report at end of shift. 7. Tags bicycles needing repair or service. 8. May adjust bicycle seat to suit customer. 9. May receive money deposit or identification, such as driver’s license, as security toward return of bicycle. 10. May explain operation of bicycle and features of certain bicycles, such as gear shifting and hand brakes, to customers.


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