Beveler, Printed Circuit Boards Job

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Beveler, Printed Circuit Boards Job

BEVELER, PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARDS JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Operates machine to bevel printed circuit board connectors: Reads work order to determine specified angle and depth of bevel. 2. Turns knobs to adjust machine cutting tool. 3. Slides PCB along guide over cutting tool to bevel PCB connector. 4. Views beveled edge of sample board connector through magnifying scope to verify angle and depth of cut meet company specifications. 5. Operates machine to bevel all connector edges. 6. Inspects PCB’s to detect rough edges, dirty surfaces, and closed holes. 7. Smooths rough edges, using hand file. 8. Cleans dust and deposits from PCB, using airhose, toothbrush, or rag. 9. Scrapes excess plating from holes, using utility knife.


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