Benzene-washer Operator Job

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Benzene-washer Operator Job

BENZENE-WASHER OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Controls agitator tank to wash benzol, benzene, toluene, and xylene with sulfuric acid and caustic soda to remove impurities: Turns valves and starts pumps to charge agitator vessel with specified amount of benzol or derivatives. 2. Drains measured quantity of acid into vessel and starts agitator to mix contents for specified time. 3. Stops agitator to allow acid and sludge to settle. 4. Draws sample of washed product for laboratory colorimetry test to determine need for further washing. 5. Opens valve, using wrench, to drain excess acid and sludge, adds caustic soda solution to neutralize remaining acid, and measures alkalinity, using standard titration test. 6. Adds water, agitates mixture to wash out traces of caustic, and drains off water after contents have settled. 7. Pumps washed benzol or derivatives into storage tank. 8. Turns valves to admit steam to sludge kettle, solidifying sludge. 9. Lifts kettle cover, using chain hoist, and removes sludge from kettle. 10. May distill washed benzol in batch still. 11. May remove impurities from crude ethylbenzene by adding lime and water and agitating mixture.


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