Belt-builder Helper Job

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Belt-builder Helper Job

BELT-BUILDER HELPER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Performs following duties to build up plies of rubberized fabric and gum to produce transmission and conveyor belting: Moves rolls of stock to belt-building area, using lift truck or handtruck. 2. Positions stock rolls in letoff rack, using hoist. 3. Pulls fabric and gum plies of specified width onto belt-building table from roll in letoff rack or calender, and aligns edge with previously laid ply. 4. Compresses plies together, using rollers and stitchers. 5. Builds up specified number of plies and trims irregular edges with scissors or knife. 6. Inserts end of finished belt between pressure rollers that bond plies, and rolls finished belt onto windup rack.


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